Are promises made to be broken?

When do we start hoping and when do we stop? We never outgrow it. It started early in our life. Depending on who made the promise and what it is all about. All expectations, hoping and anticipations depends on it.

I used to rely on people to fulfill their promises. I am a bit perplexed if it’s not fulfilled. Like a candy that was promised to be given to me when I was a little girl to the hopes of not being betrayed for a trust or word given.

I realized that as I got older, promises are made to be broken, either intentionally or haphazardly. I do too, no one’s too blame but me.

Regrets ensues, and all boils down into one thing, expectations. Expecting that someone or something will come into reality. Let’s do the reverse, let’s look at an instance where we promise something to someone and fail to meet up with it. Sounds fair. People change, you are not the same yesterday as you are today and most especially tomorrow.

Promises, are they made to be broken? Promises by God are not meant to be broken. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us. Sounds fair.


Dear God,

As I embark this New Year, 2015. May my expectation comes from no one but you.
I ask forgiveness for everything and from everyone whom I have offended and who offended me.
Let us start a clean slate. Help me adjust to the promises I made and made to me and remove all expectations. Amen.

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