Hand of Destiny by Akiane Kramarik

This is a poem written by Akiane.  Check her out at http://www.akiane.com/about
Only tragedies test formulas.

Struggle has hope.

The pinches and punches of sorrow
tries love and immortality
and divides love from mortality.

There is no adventure
in hesitation.

We need strategies
to deal with tragedies.

Stress and sorrow results
from forcing your personality
to match the surrounding energy.

Unanswered whys
scare us the most.

We share our lives
as if we were targets
to the blows of the outsiders

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1) “The tree of life for me is a symbol of abundance and eternal life.” ~ Akiane Kramarik

2) “I have no idea if this image is from the past or future, from my own experience, revelation or just my imagination. All I know is that somehow my hands have touched its branches, its fruit and the soil around.” Akiane Kramarik

3) “I pray and wait for an answer in pictures, words or ideas.” Akiane Kramarik

4) “I am self-taught. In other words, God is my teacher.” Akiane Kramarik

5) “I really like working by myself without any distractions, learning from my own mistakes.” Akiane Kramarik

6) “I always think about Jesus and talk about Him,” Akiane Kramarik

7) “I have been blessed by God. And if I’m blessed, there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others.” Akiane Kramarik

(8) “I believe everyone should have an opportunity to search for truth their own way. Humility, peace, child-like enthusiasm, acceptance, and sincerity is the true infinity engine!” Akiane Kramarik

9) “I do not condemn any personal choices for intimate relationships. Love is love. I detest only the violence and trauma that any self-centered conduct can cause to others.” Akiane Kramarik

10) “There’s so much negativity in the media.” Akiane Kramarik

11) “Love. If we put others before ourselves—we are already abundantly rich.”
~ Akiane Kramarik

12) “Infinity imagines curiosity from the wild abyss — Only the child makes a swing-set view of the worlds upside down. Unwatched truth is the enchantment of childhood.And we never grow out of it…” Akiane Kramarik
– Enchantment of Childhood

13) “With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. But we know even less of the most important discovery of all – Love. Only love can accept our differences as we journey through life. And only love can allow space for our growth.”
~ Akiane Kramarik

14) “Portals of divinity are everywhere. I believe that children may enter these divine portals easier, because they are seeking for answers in the purest way.”
~ Akiane

15) “I wish that people could love more.”
~ Akiane

16) “I really love sharing my gift with others. At the same time, I’m just a normal kid having fun and that’s what life is all about—having fun at the same time as helping people.”
~ Akiane

17) “Those that expose themselves as knowing the truth, lose the battle of innocence and humility and eventually pull a trigger at the universe. Wisdom chooses the unknown to be its reason.”
~ Akiane

18 “I believe everyone should have an opportunity to search for truth their own way. Humility, peace, child-like enthusiasm, acceptance, and sincerity is the true infinity engine!”
~ Akiane Kramarik

19) “Life is precious. We should not take anything for granted. Living every moment as if it was our first and last is a genuine life of gratitude, acceptance and wisdom.”
~ Akiane Kramarik

20) “The art of life is loving and listening to one another.”
~ Akiane Kramarik

21) “Our experiences are waiting for us—we simply chose to live through the challenges and mistakes. If we don’t live through difficulties, we cannot see the solved puzzle at the end.”
~ Akiane

22) “We are all ONE, no matter in what form, space or time. As ONE we can change the world if we start changing ourselves.”
~ Akiane

23) “When we feel sad, all we need to do is to count our blessings, no matter how few we notice, so we can feel grateful for what we have been given. Sadness soon disappears and, in return, we get inspired to bless others.”
~ Akiane Kramarik

24) “We don’t have an answer as to why this is happening. We don’t have a clue. We’re just thankful to God.” Akiane Mother

25) “When we cannot look around
and explain anything
we are the quantum world.” Akiane Kramarik

26) “I define spirituality as a search for love, beauty, happiness and wisdom. Spirituality is a journey that we never finish.”
~Akiane Kramarik,

27) “I don’t belong to any denomination or religion, I just belong to God.”
~Akiane Kramarik,

28) “We cannot complain
to the possibility.” Akiane Kramarik

29) “Chromosomes and quarks stare at me while I am not looking at them.” Akiane Kramarik

30) “To have a future we have to live and leave the present.” Akiane Kramarik

31) “Just as you commit to this life when it commits to leaving you.” Akiane Kramarik

32) “No supernatural can exist for the mankind that does not want to believe it.” Akiane Kramarik

33) “Wisdom chooses the unknown to be its reason.” Akiane Kramarik

34) “Hallucination is a raw climb to a dead end.” Akiane Kramarik

35) “An illusion can never go faster than the speed limit of reality.” Akiane Kramarik

36) “We chase gravity of the micro world, but after leaving its world we try to perfect the laws here that do not exist there.” Akiane Kramarik

37) “We hear inconceivable, but cannot see the intangible.” Akiane Kramarik

38) “Secret to time is beyond our reason.” Akiane Kramarik

39) “Many imitate limits, not unlimited potentials.” Akiane Kramarik

40) “I broke down all conclusions into illusions and confusions.” Akiane Kramarik

41) “How much does the universe weigh, when it fasts for infinity?”

42) “The results came in, but I still do not know if I am in the real or fiction world.” Akiane Kramarik

43) “Behind each door we shake is a reality.” Akiane Kramarik

44) “A fermented mind – according to nothing, we are something.” Akiane Kramarik

45) “I always knew I was a dust. But I never knew I was also a universe.” Akiane Kramarik

46) “Miracle is a misunderstood reality.” Akiane Kramarik

47) “Everyone has a watched life. Everyone is both the observer and the observed.” Akiane Kramarik

48) “Past is deaf. Future is mute. Present is blind.” Akiane Kramarik

49) “So much time is spent on belief.
So little time is spent on love!”

50) “During a race where everyone holds their own truth, the finish line is a surprise.”

51) “The pride never leads, never submits, and never leaves.”

52) “Indifference is a quarantined difference.”

53) “We cannot teach a flower how to grow. We can only learn from it.”

54) “Before pride waves a white flag, it waves all other colors.”

55) “True passions do not deprive love.”

56) “A message from a flower: “Do not pick me. I want to live.”

[copyright by Akiane Kramarik, 2010]

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