Quit Talking, Start Doing..

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Several reason why we procrastinate are listed below:

#1 Unpleasant Task
#2 Lack of Interest
#3 Lack of Initiative
#4 Task is Not Important
#5 Don’t Have Time
#6 Requires Major Effort
#7 Fear of Failure
#8 Fear of Success
#9 Fear of Finishing

Motivate Yourself: Getting Over Procrastination
It is not about management only, you have to be motivated first to get started:

Just get started
Someday Isle
Believe in yourself
Visualize Success
Surround yourself with positivity.
Release past issues
Get over Rejection

After you get started, it does not end there. You have to motivate yourself to finish it and get things done. How to?
Take Inspired Action:

Plan your day ahead
Avoid Excuses
Focus on One task at a Time
Break Big Tasks into Smaller Pieces
Make it time-framed. Set deadlines.
Challenge Yourself
Aim Higher
Use Time Blocks
Avoid Distraction in the Middle of Doing a Certain Task
Have Daily Routines and Habits
Clean your house. Literally!
Generously reward yourself.

Download this book right now and be versed why you procrastinate and how to stop procrastination within you.

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