Things A Girl / Woman should always do for herself:

* Believe in an All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Present Creator, called by different Names, whatever your belief(s) is(are), it’s much better to anchor yourself with a foundation. Establish your belief first, not sleazy, slassy. Remember as the saying/song goes “If your mind is too open, your brain might fall out..” Check your life’s purpose.

* Fill your cup – love yourself, spend time with your love ones, give time for less fortunate,
share anything that’s on your ‘bin’. “Been” waiting to be donated or given away. Sometimes we think joy comes on getting material things but not most of the time. It could be a space you needed, by walking or going some place, have a day or time off. Reconnect to your life’s purpose by prayer and meditation. Sleep. Let your brain and mind relaxed a bit.

*Ability to Laugh at own’s Mistake – it’s not awkward, it helps you to be human to realize your own imperfections and still be real for who you really are.

*Look for support group – People are different, treat them fairly with what you have, but you don’t have to please them. Try to maintain someone or group of people whom you can support and who will support you in return, a symbiotic relationship. An old proverb still rings true, “No man is an island.” You can read or listen to inspiring stories. Read your “Bible” if it helps to keep you grounded.

*No expectations, just acceptance – This is applicable not just for something you give away. If you love someone or give something, don’t expect them to return this favor to you nor do it expecting anything in return.

*Focus on what you have today – Yesterday has been dealt with, deal with the guilt, wrongs you have made, forgive or forget if you have to, or call it quits, do what you can today to recover from it without missing good things or the opportunity that awaits tomorrow.

*Write it down – Draw your thoughts in writing. Make Journal, Lists, Worry Lists, Gratitude Lists. All you need to do is just look back, make it your mementos if you’d like.

*Always reinvent yourself- Read a good book,  your Bible, listen to a self-help podcasts, and divert your mind to something positive, fill your thoughts with something, keep focus, or to what needs to be done, been waiting to be done. Evolve, learn a new word or two, a new skill perhaps.

“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”
– Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur and founder of Def Jam Recordings

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