Wild Grass


The wind blows our path one day.
When out of nowhere, could it be from outer space.
You are a martian, I am too.
I never realized it since I saw you.

I thought I don’t care, I thought I don’t know,
After all I am just a wild grass, I grow where the wind blows.
I saw you are free flowing, I thought I could be too,
But your chains are too loose, can’t get hold of you.

I start thinking quick, I need to wink.
I need to let this pass, or will I go to my brink?
I need to keep my momentum, I need to escape,
I need not care, need to fly with my cape.

Wild grass you offer me,
Wild grass I decline,
It’s not that I don’t want it.
I just thought it’s not yet time.

Glad to have woke up from dreaming,
From my endless love of make-believe.
Now I am free unlike the wild grass,
Thought I am, when you first saw me.

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