I need to feel, need to deal,
Love, joy, hate or pain.
Moments of treasure,
Time of fame.

Flame of fame, make me sane,
Notorious shadows,
Had been too tame,
Seems to blame.

Is it a breakthrough?
Of sorrows and furrows?
Or was it a make-believe,
To live and let live.

I never conquest life alone,
Lest I maybe condone,
Existence is useless,
If life is fruitless.

If not of my Creator,
All these were nothing,
My skin, my hair,
Even my clothing.

There’s nothing better,
Even if we suffer,
Or become purer,
No one will care.

Hear this clamor,
Enjoy your labor,
Intoxicate no more,
Receive all favor.

When you look down,
Make sure to look up,
In trials you may drown,
But God will fill your cup.

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