Survive or Thrive?

Life we can sum it up to either living or adventuring..
Some say life is meant to be lived only.. Others,  say we live for adventures.  If we just live and survive, we only live but we do not live to our fullest.
Life is a by-product of purpose, of having enough or lack, of comfort or of sacrifice, of hobbies or vice, of love or hate, of trainings or what we are accustomed to or what we want to imbibed up with, in short of what we see or perceived, of what we want to show the world or what we hope the world to see, some of which


we consider nonsense..
Whatever our reason, our confusion or orientation.. Life will always be somewhat be summed up by us by what we do, think or say or what we do not do or even not think or refuse to speak about and so we just live the thing called life.
In the end, what matters is between you and your Creator, your Abba Father, your Highest Spiritual Connection in whatever form you may call or see or perceived it and how you live your life.
It is your limitation, your acceptance, or disagreements, your observations, your judgments on how you perceive everything that either satisfies or dissatisfies you.
If your main basis for living your life is amassing wealth or power or fame solely but forgetting to give back, or selfishly getting what you want, you might be living a life you enjoy, after all, you might have thought, its your life.  You are living.. but you might not be thriving..
Start living your life.. Believe there’s a God who created you.  Accept He can do something in your life.  Start living your life to the fullest.  Let Him drove you to whatever heights you want to go moving forward and see if you don’t just live but thrive..   – lovebyrinth2015

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