Back on Track


Slowly moving..

Slowly going.. Always pursuing.. Vicious cycle worth repeating…

Black hole,  suddenly freezes time, creates imbalance and turbulence…

Never mind the blockages.. Getting out of it may take time..  Emerge anew..

Get moving.. Headed forward.. Life is precious.. A gift from God..


Purging out..

Getting out of things that entangles.. Throwing out stuffs that no longer serves right..

Emptying oneself of the chains that is so tight.  Sorting things out..

A battle waging inside.. Keeping alive.. And keeping sane..

Cleansing the body, mind and spirit.  A complete 360 degree turn around..


A new rebirth..

Life is to be rejoiced.. Life is to be celebrated.. Life is hope..

Start afresh.. Start right now..  In the place where things last left off..

Whatever remains.. These are all that matters.. From nothing to something..

A cry of pain may be unbearable for the night.. But we will always rejoice in the morning!



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