Now a days, everything seems instant and technologies are so fast..  In the realm of our fast-paced life as we may call it..  We wonder if it’s all worth it..

Our life before modernization has been so different, uncommon now a days.  We also adjust as our times adjusts. What is happening? We ask.  Are the ends justifies the means, is it worth striving or even fighting for?

Beyond all these, we will realize that there is a God who sees everything.. All we are.. All we have..  All we accumulate.. Our situations.. Our experiences.. God is the enabler..  All that has life comes from Him.. He gives and He takes away.. Everything are His.. He is.. Immutable.. Infinite..

Things such as technologies are instant.. And fleeting as life.. But God isn’t.. Trust Him with all that you have right now.. Our present sufferings are not worth compared to the glory He will reveal to us.  Romans 8:18..

Hold on..  Time is fleeting.. And everything else, including this technology.. At the end of the day.. We will meet Him.. If we will not harden our hearts..  And we’ll make use of the time and opportunities He has given us..  That is.. Fleeting..545752_3547690859342_1543345200_n

photo: cto


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