Define Beautiful…

Have you heard of this quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Margaret Wolfe.

Beauty is only a skin deep, but innate beauty transcends beyond.  Beauty is subjective to what we categorize as pleasing to look at be it color or characteristics or shape.

With the rise of the so called controversial plastic surgeries, enhancers, cosmetics and the effects of media pressure, and should we include photoshop no wonder most of us are distorted with the true meaning of beauty.

In the Bible, there are few characters that are mentioned to be beautiful, one is Absalom, son of David to daughter of King of Geshur named Talmai, he was described as the most handsome man without defect and his daughter Tamar who became a beautiful woman. (Book of Samuel).

Girls, ladies, women, it is not wrong to put on make up, to wear the best dress or adorn yourself with fine accessories, but remember the extremes.  Anything too much is bad for you.

You are not beautiful.. So.. Why do you care?  Yes, you were raised in a society that demands or calls you to live up with such standards, to be popular, to be beautiful, to be attractive to opposite sex, to be sexy, to get that preferential treatment to be a ‘princess’ but of course everything has a price you have to pay to get that whistle.

The truth which is no secret is.. our mentality are facing different angle and direction.

  • teens / adolescents that suffers from anorexia.
  • ladies who undergoes plastic surgeries (notwithstanding the side effects).
  • those who are slaves to fashions, clothes and should we include gadgets (be it mobile phones or sports car).

The Bible says, if it’s seductive to the eyes it’s lust. (Proverbs 6:25-26). That is also the reason we should guard our eyes, what we see affects our hearts and we know that our hearts  once affected, our being grateful to a lot of things that we currently enjoy will also be affected.

Lastly, be glad if you age.  Embrace it joyfully. To age beautifully, start within yourself. You just have to put priority on beautifying your inner self first. Smile.. Love thy self..


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