Who am I? 

Who am I? I am nobody.  I am just a regular person.  The only difference is I am an unlearnt,  relearnt and learnt individual.  I was subjected to trials and leap of faith situations everyday of my life.  I have dealt trials in a lot of different ways, however,  I also learnt it’s best handled in God’s perspective and way. 

I do learn everyday,  and time still is one of the best way to test things,  people and me,  myself,  I.. I am grateful.. for what I have become. 

I am a result of trial and error,  would rather not changed it,  I am me because of what I have experienced and is experiencing, having lost and painfully damaged at times made me a flexible individual. A butterfly regenerated from it’s coccoon after it’s hybernation. 

My journey  makes me more emotionally comfortable with myself,  and to the world in general.  I became deep at the same time learnt how to be shallow to things that pained me. And thus,   I grew tremendously,  my perceptions broadened and learnt the value of contentment. 

Who am I ? I am what God has made me from my nails to the tip of my hair,  my skin to my core,  my laughter to my inner thoughts.  I am a cared,  adored, protected and loved faithfully by God. 

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