Soul Searching and Prayer

Sometimes the thing that you are looking for are just right at your feet..

We look.. We search.. We either feel not contented with the results or we settle for what it is.. Perhaps we feel powerless so we gave up trying or we grew tired or we just felt it’s time to let go and move on.

We weigh things, analyze, overthink then got to a point of indifference. Then rewinds the vicious cycle. 

When will it end?  Some say when you stop, others say when you let it flow by itself. I tried both but did not work.

Oops.. Back to the point.. What are we talking here?  Me and my simile..I’m neither drunk nor insane.. 

When you are lookig for answers, we always ask God, right? Nope. We ask Him last, thereby creating trouble in our lives.

Let me point it out. I tried re-enacting what possibly went wrong, be it in a decision on a particular situation then gradually allows mind to think of what could further improve and I ask God to help me through it.

Yep, tried both, but did not work because it needs to be stirred and mixed in proper proportions and it needs to have the main ingredient.. Prayer..

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